Treading on Eggshells

StartingTalk to Adviser Arky at [4,-19]
Other prerequisitesArky’s Principles Help Me
Recommended level15
Items required1 Astrub Beer (40 Kamas)
SequelClass Council

Step inside Astrub Inn [6,-18].

Speak with the tavern’s occupants to draw a smuggler’s attention:
Buy 1 Astrub Beer and give it to Acidrik Gutsplitter by talking to him. Then go upstairs and talk to Cassius Belli.

Talk to Nowa [2,-15]

A fight against Nowa will start, you must fight alone.

Talk to Nowa again.

Talk to Igor Ant at [5,-19] inside the militia, while Nowa follows you. He will stop following you if you die in a fight before you reach the next quest step. In that case you will have to fight him again on [2,-15].

Talk to Adviser Arky [4,-19] (inside the Council Tower).

Even though the quest is finished before the last two dialogue answers, keep talking to obtain the following quest Class Council. The last dialogue is different for every class.

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