incarnam 100%

bring this: 13 nettles 14 wheat 4 gudgeon 20 ash wood 13 iron 5 celestial wool 2 tofu egg you might not need the 5 celestial wool or the 2 tofu egg, because you will drop some at random during the quests. it is unlikely that you drop all of it, so if you bring… Continue reading incarnam 100%

incarnam (setting a good example)

adventure time (main quests) tutorial village in the clouds hope and tragedy the snoowolf’s snout destination: astrub high on discovery uncommon transport vestiges of legends bird’s-eye service in the militia put to the test battlefields water cutter gobball decimation spiritabby hunt lesson in humility march of the chafers harvest time natural products hatchet and pick… Continue reading incarnam (setting a good example)